Where are you located?

At Rick’s Home Studio on Scotchmans Rd, Bellarine.  It is a short drive for all on the peninsula, and about 30mins from Geelong.

Do you teach all ages?

10 years old and above. It is never to late to learn anything. Rick has experience teaching all ages, and has a valid working with children check.

Can I choose the songs to learn?

Yes, of course! As long as the song matches your skill level and has melody.

How do I pay?

5 lessons in advance by Cash/Cheque or arrangement. If you miss a one lesson in ten weeks, one catch up lesson is granted.

How does a lesson run?

In each lesson we focus on singing techniques, vocal exercises, breathing exercises, vowel and consonant studies; applying this to a chosen song.

Can I (as guardian) sit in my child’s lesson?

Yes, it is encouraged.